KGH whiteboard three boxFounded by Professor Kevin Hindle,  Mentor Entrepreneurship Group (MENTREG) is an international team of research based, results oriented innovation consultants. Our systematic approach and focused services use practical tools developed from peer-reviewed, leading-edge research in the field of Entrepreneurship. Since 1987, Entrepreneurship (with a capital ”E”) has been established as a discipline in the Academy of Management and now contains a vast and rapidly growing body of rigorous research (some of which has been conducted by MENTREG consultants themselves). Many people are familiar with the longer-established management disciplines such as Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Strategy. Really useful management tools have been developed from research in these fields. Fewer people are aware of the potential that lies in approaches, models, frameworks, systems and tools developed from over 25 years of rigorous research in the distinctive field of Entrepreneurship.

Innovation involves two processes: invention, which creates new knowledge, and entrepreneurship, which transforms new knowledge into new value. MENTREG does not concern itself with the invention component of innovation: others do that. In Thomas Edison’s famous dictum, successful innovation is ‘one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration’. We deal with the ‘sweaty’ bit: the hard graft of value creation. From the moment your organisation wants to investigate the potential value of some new knowledge MENTREG can help. If you are facing any form of potentially valuable opportunity, or you want to do something totally different from what the organisation has ever done, or you want to find new ways to do what you already do, MENTREG will help. You’ve got the inspiration. We’ll help reduce the perspiration involved in the heavy lifting of value creation.