All MENTREG clients have four things in common

  1. They want to do something that is genuinely new to the horizons

  2. They want their innovative efforts to be conducted with precision, clarity and cost-effectiveness.

  3. They want the result to be highly valuable.

  4. They recognise that, just as innovation and entrepreneurship are about doing different things in a non-standard way, so must innovation consultancy differ substantially from the traditional patterns of advice.

In short, they want to reach new horizons in new ways.

In the corporate sphere, MENTREG clients are all seekers after profitable innovation. But it is one thing to know and accept that the future viability of an organisation depends more on innovation than on improvements in the standard areas of labour and capital. It is entirely another thing to know how to define the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship precisely and pursue them systematically and cost effectively. MENTREG corporate clients want to do this and are keen to partner with truly knowledgeable and deeply experienced mentors who can help them do it.

In the government sphere, from the local and regional level to the highest echelons of national policy, there is an ever-expanding range of activities and programs based on government agencies seeking to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing assistance to individuals, firms and regions. Well-motivated government agencies know how difficult it is, from a vast array of perspectives, to provide genuinely valuable – and valued – help to the private sector. The problems – and the skepticism – multiply when the helper is, of necessity a bureaucratically constrained organisation seeking to provide help in the most creative and dynamic areas of business: innovation and entrepreneurship. Yet a well-constructed government assistance and facilitation program can be hugely instrumental in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development. MENTREG government clients are active seekers of focused professional help in the difficult domain of helping businesses and regions to become more entrepreneurial and innovative.

When MENTREG consultants say: ‘We guide profitable innovation and help governments to help business’, our corporate and government clients know that we are not merely mouthing a glib slogan. We are summarising a research based, practice proven philosophy that has become a system for helping you transform potential opportunity into realised value.