MENTREG’s partnership approach:
combining strong structure with sensitive touch

MENTREG frameCapturing the ‘blue sky’ of future opportunity requires a blend of firm structure and sensitive touch. We work with you, using the right framework and a hands-on approach tailored to your specific needs. Mentreg’s consulting process is based on four core frameworks  that world’s best-practice research demonstrates to be the right way to execute innovation with customised focus, cost-effectiveness and the maximum likelihood of success. However, these frameworks are not applied in an insensitive, mechanistic way. A good mentor is a sensitive, responsive guide: not a robotic instructor. Far from imposing rigidity in MENTREG’s consulting approach, the frameworks we use and adapt for your benefit do the opposite. The structural strength of our frameworks ensure flexibility because they are always adapted, hand-in-hand with you, to the unique requirements of your proposed innovation.

There is often a great deal of haziness surrounding the concepts of ‘innovation’, ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘opportunity evaluation’, ‘business model’ and ‘business plan’. Not when you work with us. MENTREG operates with unambiguous definitions, research-proven frameworks and highly practical processes so that your entrepreneurial efforts are born in clarity and conducted with precision. If you want to increase your chances of achieving effective, efficient, profitable innovation, we’ll help you use the right framework right from the start. And we’ll tailor it exactly and cost-effectively to your unique needs.