Corporate Projects

In this left hand column, you will find a selection of project summaries from the corporate consulting portfolio of Kevin Hindle and other members of the Mentor Entrepreneurship Group. Though MENTREG was founded as recently as 2012 to network the talents of the world’s premier research-based innovation and entrepreneurship consultants, our pedigrees extend for nearly 30 years of consistently excellent service to clients seeking evidence-based, practical advice in innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the features of MENTREG’s consultancy approach is to kill two birds with one stone. For instance, we will often combine in-house training with the execution of a particular problem-solving project. An example is the business plan written for ING’s ‘Icehouse’ project. Chris Quinlan, ING’s Construction Manager in Melbourne said: ‘Working with Kevin and his team was like doing an MBA in innovation at 200 kilometers per hour. Not only did we come up with a highly detailed plan for profitable operation that secured the funding we needed, but the skills and insights gained in the process of developing the plan will serve me well for the rest of my business life.’

The following examples illustrate just some of the range of services MENTREG can provide in the field of corporate entrepreneurship.