Corporate entrepreneurship

  • Opportunity evaluation
  • Business model design
  • Strategic planning
  • Entrepreneurial business planning
  • Building team commitment to new projects
  • Implementation management
  • Systems for doing new things under established constraints

Government entrepreneurship

  • Policy development
  • Program evaluation
  • Program coordination, systemisation and rationalisation
  • Program design
  • Training program advisers

Regional development

  • Economic development strategy
  • Systematic analysis of the fit between proposed projects and existing communities
  • Building culturally sensitive entrepreneurial capacity

Customised training

We combine proven frameworks with a flexible approach to enhance your entrepreneurial capacity and innovative skills.

MENTREG offers a range of proven, in-house education and training programs that can deliver the key concepts and skills of innovation and entrepreneurship into hearts minds and hands of your staff: where they can be used to build a better, more profitable future for your organisation. All courses can and will be adapted and refined to suit your unique requirements and circumstances.

We can provide various levels of licence to use the revolutionary Business Evaluation Calculus, a software-assisted system for evaluating existing business models and creating new ones.

Most importantly, we specialise in blending entrepreneurial training within the context of actual entrepreneurial projects. Chris Quinlan, ING’s Construction Manager in Melbourne said: ‘Working with Kevin and his team was like doing an MBA in innovation at 200 kilometers per hour. Not only did we come up with a highly detailed plan for profitable operation that secured the funding we needed, but the skills and insights gained in the process of developing the plan will serve me well for the rest of my business life.’