Kim Klyver

Professor Kim Klyver (PhD) is both a ‘scholar’s scholar’, renowned for the excellence of his research, and a practitioner’s delight. Young people especially – in university classrooms, corporate corridors and government offices – simply love his dynamic style of teaching entrepreneurship as a practitioner’s discipline. Kim’s research wins awards. Learning from him wins you a better path to an innovative future. He has twice won scholarships to do world-leading entrepreneurship research at Stanford, the University at the heart of Silicon Valley, which is itself at the heart of global innovation. He hails proudly from Denmark, the small country that is a giant in the world of creative design. His principal expertise is in the area of entrepreneurship and social networks. Knowing how the social network impacts entrepreneurial process is the key to understanding the ‘people component’ of innovation. From his base in the entrepreneurship faculty of the University of Southern Denmark, Kim coordinates MENTREG’s operations in the Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe.