Lauren Rielly

Lauren Rielly (LTS MEI) uses the knowledge gained in her Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree to hone the skills she has acquired over nearly 10 years as a mentor to entrepreneurs and risk investors. She is an expert at providing just the right kind of guidance in just the right measure to business people struggling with the hard task of opportunity evaluation. The vast majority of good ideas never get analysed systematically enough to become powerful and practical business models. Lauren’s consulting skills focus on this area. From a deep understanding of market mechanisms and geo-demographics she helps new and existing business proprietors and managers to be realistic about the level of demand for their offering and the threats posed to its viability by competitors. She is the veteran of nearly 80 entrepreneurial mentoring exercises. She measures her success as a consultant not only by the obvious metric of the successful ventures of which she was a part but also by the heartache she has saved by helping prospective new venturers not to waste money pursuing alluring but unfeasible ideas. You can discover more about her at lauren