Peter Moroz

Excelling in the area of opportunity identification and innovative business modeling, Dr. Peter W. Moroz (PhD) has helped hundreds of individuals,  firms and communities to successfully evaluate the feasibility of a new venture proposal.  As a past econmic advisor to executive government in Canada and having started and managed several small businesses, he has developed keen insights into the start up process and the parallel necessity of understanding the importance of context. He has developed research based insights into best practices and frameworks throughout his career as a teacher, researcher and consultant.  This balance between knowing how both government and business work is a defining capacity and an important strength that is applied to discovering the sources behind economic pains and gains in both sectors. Focusing on hybrid firm creation, caring capitalism, technology and community venturing, Dr. Moroz has worked with First Nations Bands, governments, corporations and cutting edge social enterprises to understand the key factors that underpin the ”how” of generating success and the right pathways for scaling profitable growth.  Peter currently works as a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Hill School of Business, University of Saskatchewan has published in top 40 Financial Times peer reviewed journals and currently holds a major industry funded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Grant that explores how partnerships between mining and natural resource extraction companies may best work with Aboriginal and First Nations Communities so as to develop sustainable joint ventures.